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Stage is a collection of occasional furniture, with pieces that are both singularly stylish and remarkably functional. Featuring ventilated drawers and shelves, the media base makes an elegant home for your multimedia system. The only thing visible is the TV—everything else is neatly concealed behind the black glass face, away from the dust bunnies. No need to open the drawers when you’re using the system: the signal from your remote control will pass right through the glass. The optional sliding top moves in either direction, so you can adjust the length to the size of the space. Slide the top to create the perfect nook for a subwoofer or a Scene ottoman. The thin steel side panel, available in a variety of finishes, contrasts with the lacquered engineered wood top.

The corner bookshelf fits up against the corner sofa—a practical feature in rooms with limited wall space. The bookshelf is low enough to double as a media base. As for the rectangular center table, it can be used as a coffee table or as a spacer between two sections of a Chelsea sofa. The table drawer creates some welcome additional storage space.

All furniture frames, side panels, tops, and faces are in yellow birch veneer. The media base’s sliding top is made of steel and lacquered engineered wood. The drawers are equipped with self closing slow motion slides.