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Shown in natural light walnut 500 and raw steel 601.
Like the skateboard trick that inspired its name, the Wallride unit seems to run weightlessly along the wall. The components of this multipurpose system are attached with solid aluminum cleats, making it look as if it were floating.

The shelves, multimedia cabinets, work desks, and steel cabinets are sold separately and can be combined in infinite ways to suit your needs and vision. The collection uses a mix of walnut veneer, raw or matte lacquered steel, and a black acoustic fabric that cleverly conceals electronic devices while still allowing sound from speakers and signals from remote controls to pass through.

All the wood cabinets are designed to store electronics: they come with full-width openings at the back, are adapted for North American outlets, and leave enough space behind them to connect wiring from one cabinet to another along the wall. Cabinets come with wooden flap doors or with acoustic fabric.

The L-shaped wall shelves are equipped with steel dividers that act as bookends and support brackets. The table, which could also serve as an entry console or TV stand, comes with a grommet for cables and a barely visible wireless charging station (optional) that doesn’t detract from the ultra-minimalist look.

The collection also includes many freestanding vertical, horizontal, and square shelving options that are a mix of wooden cabinets (with or without drawers or doors) and steel cabinets. All shelving units are finished on both sides and can be used as room dividers.