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Shown in oiled Oak 410, Black lacquered Steel 624 and Velvety fabric VY032
There’s no better way to maintain or build relationships than to share a delicious meal. The Link collection is all about the joy of spending time together, plain and simple.

The Link chair is just as at home in the dining room as it is on the patio—truly a seat for all occasions. Don’t let its slender, airy shape fool you. This 100% Italian creation is made with rust-proof steel rods and is built to last. The comfortable seat cushion is held in place by magnets that are sewn into the padding and a non-slip fabric on the bottom.

The Link table, designed by Joël Dupras, uses proven manufacturing techniques developed by Huppé. The tabletop has been thoughtfully assembled with an engineered wood center, white oak veneer surfaces, and a solid white oak contour designed for maximum strength and solidity. The top sits on steel supports and solid white oak legs joined by a lacquered steel crossbar. Thin lacquered-steel washers at the end of each leg add an eye-catching pop of color. The cleverly designed frame can easily accommodate more chairs at the round table, so you never have to worry about a couple extra dinner guests—the more the merrier!